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Friday, July 28, 2017

how to create a linker library with vbcc for vbcc

1. compile individual .c source code files for your desired linker library into .o object files, for example:

> path/to/linkerlib
> vc -c libfunc1.c 
> vc -c libfunc2.c

will create "libfunc1.o" and "libfunc2.o"

2. use .o files as required when compiling your code, for example:

> path/to/my_program
> vc path/to/linkerlib/libfunc1.o path/to/linkerlib/libfunc2.o -o my_program my_program.c

or join .o files into one file, which is your new linker library, and use accordingly, for example:

> path/to/linkerlib
> join libfunc1.o libfunc2.o to my.lib
> path/to/my_program
> vc -Lpath/to/linkerlib -lmy -o my_program my_program.c

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